Aquaboost Booster Set Control Panels

Booster Set - Control Panels

There are many fixed & variable speed boosters sets deployed where there are potential issues with the existing control panel or individual inverters. It maybe that the booster set pumps are all in good working order and the client is reluctant to upgrade the complete booster set.

This is where our MAB & MARB range of variable speed control panels are ideal for retro-fitting to existing installations. All FWS control panels can be wall mounted or free standing on a panel stand. Some clients even remove the existing panel and mount our panel in its place.

Our comprehensive range of panels start at 0.75kw and are available up to 90 KW for up to 6 pumps. The “air cooled” inverters are all mounted in an enclosure ready for 'plug & play' connection to the electrical supply, pumps & transducers.


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Aquaboost Booster Set Control Panels
Key Features
  • Programmable pump controller with keypad and backlit display
  • Display for all operational messages, set points and commissioning values
  • Password protection
Technical Specification
Product Code AB-CP