Following an urgent enquiry for a bespoke build for a large hotel chain, our UK Sales Manager Jonathan Gray was in the area and managed to pop onto site on the day of installation.

As you can see from the photo it was a large old booster set that required de-commissioning and removing from the plant room before the new SP3V-22SV04F040T-MARB/100 booster set could be sited and installed.

The contractor wasn’t allowed to turn the water off until 10.00 am and was instructed that the water needed to be back on by 15.00 at the latest, as the hotel had key workers as guests. So the pressure really was on!

The team had the water back on to the hotel by lunch time, 2 hours to be exact from start to finish. This shows the big advantage of having a bespoke booster set that will fit straight in especially when it uses large DN100 pipe work.

“Our pump specialist’s client was delighted with the changeover and the efficiency of the installation team that attended site as always”.

Jonathan Gray commented:

It's okay to construct a bespoke dimensionally interchangeable booster set, but its only as the good as the person measuring it up so why not give the Stuart Turner team a call - we operate nationwide and are happy to visit site on your behalf to look at any application.