Aquaboost MARB

Booster Sets

Our MARB range of horizontal & vertical pump booster sets offers variable speed 2-6 pump units capable of boosting cold water at up to 25 m³/h per pump or up to 16 bar pressure in many commercial applications. Larger flows & pressures are available on request.

All MARB booster sets can be configured for duty-assist or duty-standby modes (2 pump version). Duty-assist-standby or duty-assist-assist modes (3 pump version). Duty-assist-assist- standby or duty-assist-assist-assist modes (4 pump version).

The MARB generation of variable speed control panels range from 3 kW up to 90 kW and utilise advanced data networking and adaptive self-tuning algorithms to provide smooth and effective pump control.

If required, booster sets can be fitted with a selection of different manufacturers pump units.


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Aquaboost MARB 1
Key Features
  • Automatic duty pump rotation
  • Start-up safe mode eliminates pressure surges and hydraulic shock following a power outage
  • Graphic display with back light, multi-function control keys and LED status indicators
Technical Specification
Product Code MARB