Aquaboost AGAP - CAT5 Polytank 227 Series (Discontinued)

Booster Set - CAT5

AGAP - CAT5 boosters feature a weir overflow making them suitable for use in commercial applications where the risk of back flow contamination from Category 5 fluids exists. CAT 5 Booster sets offers fixed or variable speed pump technology to maintain constant pressure and flow when multiple outlets are operational. Available in tank sizes 68 & 227 litres (nominal) and flow with a range of flow rates & pressures available.


Boosting cold mains water pressure and flow in small commercial applications where exposure to fluid risk category 5 exists:

  • Laboratories
  • Veterinary Surgeries
  • Bin Washdown
  • Mortuaries
  • Abattoirs
  • Bib Tap


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Aquaboost AGAP - CAT5 Polytank 227 Series
Key Features
  • Heads up to 56 metres
  • Flow rate up to 140 litres/min
  • 180 litre water storage capacity
Technical Specification
Product Code AGAP-CAT5-227
Nominal head (bar) 4.7 bar
Maximum head - closed valve (bar) 6 bar
Nominal flow rate (m³/h per pump) 5 m³/h
Maximum flow rate (m³/h per pump) 8.5 m³/h (140 l/min)
Compare Models
Description Part Number Nominal head (bar) Nominal flow rate (m³/h per pump)
Aquaboost AGAP - CAT5 Polytank 68 Series (Discontinued) AGAP-CAT5-68 4.7 bar 5 m³/h
Aquaboost AGAP - CAT5 Polytank 227 Series (Discontinued) AGAP-CAT5-227 4.7 bar 5 m³/h